Let’s Connect!

This event is a part of “Review” in the whole series Collective, we need to talk!

Why Networking?

We believe networking is a great way to meet new people and connect with others from the same industry or field. One way to facilitate networking is through “Networking games” that guide individuals through networking activities and help them in getting to know and conversing with each other. In all of the sessions of the Collective Gathering Series, we want to explore and exploit a few common networking games that will connect our team, audiences and all collectives around Thailand, that we happened to know during Documentafifteen, and collectives around Asia in order to move forward.



Time in CET (German Timezone)

  • 16:00 > Greetings (5 min)
  • 16:05 > Quick Fire Questions
    • Describe your collective! (15 min)
    • Random Questions (45 min)
  • 17:00 > Open for public questions (20 min)
  • 17:25 > Wrap-up and summary (5 min)
  • 17:30 > Closing


The event is co-organized by:

Management team:
Werapol Bejranonda,
Putsarun Thanisornthanasit
Awika Samukrsaman/Baan Noorg’

AV equipment:
Documenta Halle team, Thalay.eu

Mal’s Studio, (Bkk)
Ginger commune , (Bkk)
Kultxcollectivespace, (Khonkean)
Godung Studio (Chaingmai)

Jessica Tanto (Ekstrak Collective)

Quick Fire Questions
Let’s connect