Collectives : special series

Collective, we need to talk!

Just quesionts! special series

Using a talk series to decode the concept of collective, movement and Non-Profit-Organisation

We invited the artists and people in the field to deconstruct the collective-ecosystem.

The series is co-organized by:

🎮 Episode “Review”

how is the collective in your country/group?

as a human view, how thai artists were doing, experiencing and learning in documenta and other events, how good and fail were they

  • Learning what is the impact of collective activities in each country .. inside the group, inside the country, what happen in the country and among the people from your country before, during and after the activities

Session list

[it will be more countries]

🔎 Episode “Share

how to collective?

movement, activist, ngo and collective …sharing how collectives develop themselves together

  • Learning what they have learned (lesson learned): difficulty, conflicts, resistance, advantage and disadvantage, new-found and future development

🔮 Episode “Look”

what is the common ground

What is the common ground of East- and Southeast-Asia collectives? [can be more region]

art collectives and movements around the corner of Asia …talk, share and create the common space after the inspiration from these event-series

  • Finding the common value and common ground regarding to their experience, new propose after these talk-series, and proposed action-plan (If possible)
How we develop this event-series